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“Pat with Delta Graphics is amazing! I called her to help me with a funeral program for my 15 year old niece. It is a crazy time and there is so much going on, but it feels good to know that Pat had me covered. The programs turned out amazing. They are more than what I asked for. She had great suggestions that made the final product the best I could hope for during this difficult time. Thank you Pat! ~ Corina Urtiaga-Michael”

“Charles was right on the spot for providing the Solano Pride Center tables, chairs and tents for our June 11th Pride Festival.  He is eager to meet with us next week to plan the layout!” ~ Sandy Stelter

“Gordon Keiser with Activity is Medicine was the first internet provider in Solano County. Gordon has been involved in senior health, mentally and physically for years and has senior health to the fore front.” ~ Sandy Stelter

“The KROC Center is an amazing community partner. They have programs that benefit all age groups and a committed group of team members. Strong asset to our community.” ~ Monte Hoover

“Solomon Gee with Melaleuca has great vitamin products for daily use.” Kenny Lostica

“Christina Baird is out in the community and is a great resource to have. She helps me break the ice with other businesses and her fundraiser scavenger hunt was great.” ~ Bill Lee

Sandy Stelter with SOS Organizing Solutions helped me organize my home office. Her seminars are very useful and made the overwhelming process of my office organization simple.” ~ Connie Ng

Pat from Delta Graphics makes beautiful flyers to promote our business and helps with new and creative designs. Christina Baird connects people throughout the community and deserving of the Woman of the Year title.” ~ Cheryl Bovee

“I have personally benefited from Brandman University’s workshops. Bonnie Kelly’s energizing delivery and content through her workshops truly make you look within and highlight mental habits and self talk that may not be serving you. In an hour you walk away feeling in control of your choices and over all life.” ~ Marcie Licea

“I thank Rea Johnson from Brandman University for providing free workshops on the topic of a social emotional intelligence which has been so beneficial for my staff. What a great service to our community! Thank you!” ~ Anna Eaton

“Kristian Medina filmed a three hour workshop for me. It had great quality and he is easy to work with.” ~ Sandy Stelter

“I referred a coworker to Kenny Lostica and he was very professional with her on her life insurance process very patient and not pushy.” ~ Bill Lee

“Kenny Lostica, I got a policy from him about 4 and half years ago It is a beautiful thing to have a policy like that.” ~ Deborah Benefield



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