Lisette Estrella-Henderson for Solano County Superintendent of Schools

Lisette Estrella-Henderson has announced her candidacy for Solano County Superintendent of Schools in the election scheduled for June 2018. She has been an educator in Solano County for over 32 years, and currently serves as the County Superintendent of Schools following her unanimous selection by the Solano County Board of Education.
“We are at a pivotal time in education. I take the responsibility of this position very seriously. We must move education in Solano County forward, with an emphasis on student preparation for the workforce. Each student is unique and I will continue to work diligently with our community partners to ensure that every child has an equal opportunity to learn, grow, and succeed.”
Among Estrella-Henderson’s focus areas are:


  • All students graduate and are prepared for the jobs of today and tomorrow
  • Safe, high-quality schools with positive discipline interventions and social-emotional support
  • Continued development of school and community partnerships
  • Fiscal solvency, transparency, and accountability

Lisette Estrella-Henderson has earned several endorsements from educators and elected officials, including Congressman Mike Thompson, Senator Bill Dodd, Assemblymember Cecilia Aguiar-Curry, and former Senator Lois Wolk. According to U.S. Congressman Mike Thompson, “I’m supporting Lisette Estrella-Henderson for County Superintendent of Schools. She is a proven leader in this community who will work tirelessly to ensure that students leave school career and college ready.”
She is also supported by several district superintendents. Kris Corey, Superintendent of Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District states, “The role of a superintendent is complex. It is important that the leader is a visionary, an exceptional communicator, intuitive, reflective, respectful, knowledgeable and open-minded. Lisette Estrella-Henderson possesses all of these qualities.”
Estrella-Henderson states, “It is a privilege to serve as the 23rd Solano County Superintendent of Schools. I look forward to working together with the community to promote a bright and hopeful future for our children across the County.”
Estrella-Henderson invites you to visit her campaign website at and follow her on Facebook at and twitter

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